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Aquarellum Jr - Parrots

Aquarellum Jr - Parrots

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7 yrs & up

Parrots are incredible animals! They can sing, repeat anything they hear, and their featherings are absolutely breathtaking. Let your imagination wander to create the most dashing colours for these four unique birds.

The thick vellum paper features illustrations with masked outlines. As you brush on the color, the outlines and details magically appear. The included watercolor inks mix smoothly, plus offer translucent coverage, allowing young artists to layer colors on the paper.


  • 4 masked illustrations of 7” x 9.75”
  • 5 non-toxic watercolour inks
  • 1 top quality watercolour paint brush
  • 1 palette to mix your colours
  • 1 dropper to mix the colours
  • 1 set of instructions

While Aquarellum Jr art sets are designed for young artists, they’re wonderful for older kids, teens, and even adults looking to relax and spend some time playing with color!