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California Creations

Fling Wing Ultralight Stunt Flyer

Fling Wing Ultralight Stunt Flyer

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8 years & up

What do you get when you combine a kite and a yo-yo? The Fling Wing, a super-crazy flying toy!

The unique shape lets it sail incredibly far. The elastic launching string gives you the ability to build momentum and fling it, letting it glide through the air... over 200 feet!

You can also hold on to the launching string and do tricks with it like you would a yo-yo!

Made from a strong and durable plastic shell, the Fling Wing is designed to be flown outside.

  • Glider with attached elastic cording
  • Revolutionary aerodynamic design
  • Whirl it then release
  • Soars over 200 feet
  • Sail it toward a friend to play catch
  • Does yo-yo like tricks: Loops, Snap Backs, and more!

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