Inflatable Turkey from Archie McPhee

Inflatable Turkey

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The Inflatable Turkey is the perfect Holiday table accessory!


Your dining companions won't be waiting while you sweat over a hot stove, instead they'll be delighted to watch you huff and puff as you inflate this carcassy beauty. Or, if you insist on it, this 16" long vinyl turkey is perfect for staging your holiday table while the real turkey is roasting.

If you’re socially distancing this Holiday season, send the turkey in your place, just to remind folks how nutter you can be.


Use it to play turkey volleyball. The Inflatable Turkey is useful in thousands of situations!

  • 16" long vinyl roast turkey
  • Comes deflated
  • Looks good enough to eat
  • 100% Not Food
  • Also fun at the beach or in the pool