Marshmallow the Polar Bear by Douglas

Marshmallow the Polar Bear

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2 yrs & up

Pick up Marshmallow the plush Polar Bear and you’ll find this friendly cub gives the very best bear hugs! 

As white and fluffy as the sweet snack she’s named for, Marshmallow is adorned in a cuddly coat of white plush fur and springy soft polyester fill. Marshmallow’s brightly colored eyes catch the light in such a lifelike way, you’ll be convinced she’s looking right back at you!

Additional features include the small rounded ears of the Polar Bear species and a soft, leatherette nose. With her chubby body and floppy paws, Marshmallow the Polar Bear cub stuffed animal is certain to become a favorite companion when it’s time to snuggle!

Machine washable. 15” long