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None of a Kind

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2 - 6 players, 7 yrs & up

Matching games are easy. NOT-matching games are seriously tricky!

This multi-player brainteaster game is designed to befuddle and strengthen your brain. Everyone plays at once, racing to match up cards that don't match!

Each card has three attributes: the written color, the color the words are printed in, and the number of times the color is printed on the card. All players have an active card, the card they are trying to NOT match, based on its attributes. Find a keeper, and draw another card, now trying to NOT match to the card you just kept. It’s an ever shifting fast play card game that makes your eyes and brain work in a way they just aren’t used to.

None of a Kind is based on The Stroop Test, one of the most cited papers on experimental psychology. It studies the relationship between the brain’s processing speed and executive functions, focusing on regions of the brain involved in planning, decision-making, and managing real-world interference, such as multi-tasking.

In other words, playing None of a Kind improves your brain’s processing speed!