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Papo Chilesaurus with Articulated Jaw

Papo Chilesaurus with Articulated Jaw

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Let dinosaurs roam the earth again with this figurine!

Known as the vegetarian T- Rex, Chilesaurus means “lizard from Chile.” It was first discovered by 7 year old Diego Suárez and his parents while they were out for a hike on a hillside in Chile in 2004. Chilesaurus measured roughly 10.5 ft from nose to tail. It had spatula-shaped, elongated teeth that angled forward indicating it was an herbivore.

This dino’s articulated mouth can open and close… CHOMP!

Measures about 5.9 x 2 x 3.15 inches

Papo France figures are exquisite. Finely sculpted textures, muscles, and delicately rendered teeth and claws create miniature dinosaurs that are BIG on the details. They adapt their designs to reflect current discoveries about the dinosaurs. These creatures are also hand painted with precision and care!

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