Good Banana Splashy Sprinklers - Dinosaur
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Good Banana Splashy Sprinklers

Special Buy! Splashy Sprinklers

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12 mo & up

Splashy Sprinklers combine a splash pad with an 360° array of sprinklers for refreshing backyard fun!

When fully inflated they are a 6-foot-long miniature water park that can be controlled with the twist of your spigot's knob. Increase the water pressure and watch the sprinkler array fill the splash pool with tall streams of water. Want something a little more relaxed? reduce the water flow and the soak zone mimics an easy going fountain with shallow splashy pad for tots. When fully inflated, Splashy Sprinklers are a 6-foot-long miniature water park. Just inflate, connect a hose, and get splashing!

  • 360° sprinkler streams surround the built-in splash pool
  • Connects to any standard garden hose
  • Heavy gauge PVC to endure the way kids play
  • Deflates for compact off-season storage