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Squishable Mini Stag Beetle 14”

Squishable Mini Stag Beetle 14”

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Stag Beetle, Stag Beetle, STAG BEETLE! Oh, well NOW we have a problem don't we? You said the name three times, so the beetle is your responsibility. That's just how it works. It's completely outta my hands!

Stag beetles look scary, but they’re harmless to humans. In fact, in their larval stage they’re very important forest friends. They help break down fallen trees and limbs. They’re native to the UK and are considered endangered, so this one is especially precious!

Now aren’t you glad you said Stag Beetle?

10(w) x 14(d) x 6(h) inches. Polyester fiber.

Squishables: Are they a pillow? Are they a plush stuffed friend? Yes and Yes!

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