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St. Louis Arch Paint By Number

St. Louis Arch Paint By Number

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12 yrs & up

A Paint By Number Kit that celebrates local landmarks: The St. Louis Arch and the Old Courthouse.

  • Canvas size: 16 x 24
  • Difficulty level: Medium


  • Pre-printed rolled canvas
  • Color photo reference
  • 24 numbered acrylic paints
  • Brushes

Paint by Number kits are a great way to relax and enjoy an artistic experience. They’re also an easy way to build brush skills and confidence. After a few kits, you’ll be ready to create your own original artwork!

Get Ready:

  • Cover your work area with newspaper or an old tablecloth.
  • Wear comfy clothes that you don’t mind getting stained or paint dripped (acrylic paint can be hard to wash out).
  • Change your rinse water frequently to keep your colors bright and clean.
  • Keep paper towels handy.

Helpful tips:

  • For right handers, start at the top left, Lefties should start at the top right.
  • Work diagonally across the canvas (top left to bottom right / top right to bottom left)
  • Work on the largest color blocks in an area first, then add the smaller and more detailed areas.
  • If you overpaint an outline, just paint the right color over it.
  • It may take a couple of layers to cover the numbers completely, especially with light colors.
  • Most of all, relax and enjoy!