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Wee Baby Stella Brown Doll Tiny Farmer Set

Wee Baby Stella Brown Doll Tiny Farmer Set

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12 months & up

Wee Baby Stella, how does your garden grow?

The Tiny Farmer play set comes with a Wee Baby Stella Brown doll, magnetic pacifier, soft bunny blankie, fabric garden basket, pretend packet of carrot seeds, and removable clothing.

Wee Baby Stella is the smaller and most loved soft-bodied doll on our shelves compared to the traditional Baby Stella dolls. Created for little ones, these dolls foster nurturing and care-taking in the youngest toddlers. They encourage role-playing and pretend play.

With embroidered features and cloth hair Wee Baby Stella bridges the gap between a newborn's lovey and an older child's best doll friend.

From the tips of their dimply toesies to their plump little tums, they are an armful to love. Outfits are easy for little hands to remove (and put back on). One of the best things? Hidden behind those sweet smiles are little magnets so when they need a pacifier, it stays in place!

Baby Stella dolls are 12" tall.

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