Collection: AirFort

A Tent Full of Fun, Just Add Air!

Kids love forts. And tents. Hideaways and lairs for their imaginations to spin out all sorts of adventures. The AirFort is the most kid-friendly, coolest (literally!) and easiest to set up that we’ve seen. All you need to bring to the party is a box fan.

And some floor space!

AirForts are made from super-sturdy and light weight fabrics. Unfold them from their storage bags, attach to a box fan, and turn it on. Shazam! In seconds you’ve got a playable tent. And it’s big enough for grown-ups to climb in, too. There’s a mesh window so you can peek in, and kids can peek out, and the air keeps flowing!

They come in several colors and patterns to suit any personality. Or room decor.