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Anomia: Pop Culture Edition

Anomia: Pop Culture Edition

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Happy Up's Age Recommendation:

  • 12 Years + / Tweens
  • Teens
  • Young Adults & Grown Ups

3 - 6 players, 10 yrs & up

Anomia is ... uhhhhmmmm... that thing where you struggle to remember a word or name and it's there on the tip of your tongue but you can't quite spit it out and ... Who thought turning that into a game was a good idea?!?

Anomia Pop Culture Edition features three new decks with over 200 categories drawn from movies, TV, music, the internet, and more. Normally, it's pretty easy to give an example of an action movie, a pop song, or a video game, but you'll find that your brain works a little differently under pressure!

Take turns flipping cards, until you and an opponent have a symbol match. Quick as you can think of a word that fits the category on the opponent's card, and say it before they can get out a word that matches the category on yours.

Sounds easy, right? Think again. Wild Cards create unexpected matches and the simple act of losing a card can set off a chain of cascading face-offs! Pay attention, it could be your turn at any time!

Contents: Three unique Anomia decks, each with 72 category cards, 7 wild cards, 2 customizable blank cards, & instructions.

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