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Clack! Magnetic Matching Game

Clack! Magnetic Matching Game

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Happy Up's Age Recommendation:

  • 5 Years +
  • 6 Years +
  • 7 Years +
  • 8 Years +
  • 9 Years +

2 - 6 players, ages 5 and up

Yellow stars! Red lightning bolts! Blue footprints . . . where are they?

Spread the magnetic disks around the table. Roll the dice, one will tell you a color, the other will tell you an object. You and the other players race to stack up the disks that match. The magnets inside click together with a satisfying “clack”.

Once all the disks are in stacks. And who wins? The player with the tallest stack! Speedy to play, easy to learn, this is perfect for a huge range of ages and will be a family favorite!

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