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Clawsome Submarings

Clawsome Submarings

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4 years & up

Recover all the rings from the bottom of the sea using fluid dynamics!

This challenging game is endless fun as you try to get all the rings on the pegs. Press the buttons to launch rings up and (hopefully!) onto one of the pegs. Once you get the hang of it, challenge yourself and your friends to get the rings sorted by color!

No batteries. No Wi-Fi. No Problem.

Just fill the tank with water and you’re ready to play!

Includes: 21 gold, silver and bronze-colored rings, a crystal-clear water tank, and 2 double-sided interchangeable plastic panels featuring fun deep-sea scenes. Also includes instructions.

Helpful hint: When filling with water, remove the white rubber cap completely to avoid overflow and spilling water into the base.

What’s the science behind how it works?
Submarings uses Bernoulli’s Principle. It states that an increase in the speed of a fluid occurs when there is a decrease in static pressure or the fluid's potential energy.

When you push the buttons on the base, the force from your finger creates water pressure within the tank which is proportional to how hard you press the buttons (pressure = force/area). The pressure pushes on the water molecules and gives them speed to move (kinetic energy). As the water molecules move, they are forced through a narrow nozzle into the tank, which causes them to move even faster as there is less space for the molecules to pass through.

In other words, the harder you press the buttons, the higher the rings will go!

Clawsome Submarings has been tested and certified as a STEM toy by the well respected credentialing organization,

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