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Happy Up's Age Recommendation:

  • 8 Years +
  • 9 Years +
  • 10 Years +
  • 11 Years +
  • 12 Years + / Tweens
  • Teens
  • Young Adults & Grown Ups

8 years & up

Twist, Turn, Combine… There are endless fidget possibilities with the Duomoto!

Duomoto is the latest geometric, magnetic shape shifting puzzle from the makers of Shashibo.

Made of TWO cubes, each one can be flipped and folded into different forms individually. When the magnets lock, you know you’ve found a shape. Experiment to see what shapes you can make when you combine the two cubes together!

Also, the shapes of the two cubes and the orientation of the magnets creates extra magic. You can create stable AND moving combinations!

Collect all the styles and discover what kind of massive Duomoto sculpture you can create!


  • Powered by 96 rare earth magnets
  • Splits into two segments. These two segments can create an amazing number of combinations
  • With two segments, Duomoto is perfect to share and experience with a friend!
  • Not compatible with Cubendi or Shashibo

Product Safety WarningWarning: This toy contains magnets or magnetic components. Magnets might impact the function of electronic devices. People with pacemakers are not recommended to play with this toy to avoid any possible impact to the pacemaker.

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