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Dutch Blitz

Dutch Blitz Card Game

Dutch Blitz Card Game

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Happy Up's Age Recommendation:

  • 8 Years +
  • 9 Years +
  • 10 Years +
  • 11 Years +
  • 12 Years + / Tweens
  • Teens
  • Young Adults & Grown Ups
  • For Families

2 - 4 players (up to 8 with expansion), 8 yrs & up

A long-time favorite at Happy Up and thoroughly addictive!

Dutch Blitz is easy to learn. The simplest explanation of how to play: It’s super-competitive head-to-head speed solitaire.

Each player gets their own stack of cards with their symbol on the back. And then you lay out your cards similar to a game of solitaire and shuffle through your deck. You’re trying to get rid of your “blitz” pile. When you find a “1”, play it to the center where everyone can reach it (the “dutch” piles).

So far, pretty standard… Except for those cards in the middle. Once there is a 1 of a color in the middle, everyone is out to play the matching 2, and so on and so on. The faster you can shuffle through your wood pile and play out your blitz pile, the more points you’ll get.

The first player to empty their blitz pile wins the round. Separate cards using the symbols on the back, tally points, and play again. First player to reach 75 points wins the game!

Watch their video for a more thorough explanation of how to play.

Either deck can be played individually for two to four players. Or combine to add up to eight players!

Happy Up Note:
Game play can get heated and … energetic. Be sure to use a sturdy table! 

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