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Geography Trivia Challenge

Geography Trivia Challenge

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2 - 4 players, 8 years & up

With Geography Trivia Challenge, you can test your knowledge of all things geography, earning territory tokens by answering questions correctly and avoiding setbacks on the game board.

Can you rank European countries by size, largest to smallest? Or identify the color of the spot in the Japanese flag? These questions and many more await in three different categories offering up a total of 432 questions, including fun photo identification challenges.

Each question card is double-sided with an advanced question on one side and a beginner on the other, so the whole family can play together, regardless of age or skill level. Players choose a level to play throughout, which helps keep an even playing field when different ages are playing against each other.

Includes 216 cards, die, 50 travel tokens, token bag and 4 pawns

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