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Hape Rocket Ball Air Stacker

Hape Rocket Ball Air Stacker

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2 years & up

Take stacking to a whole new level!

It's like a magic trick, but it's really a physics experiment! Place one of the stacking tubes on the base, drop the ball in the tube, and turn on the fan in the base. The force of the air will lift the ball, but it won't go beyond the top of the tube! ...Wait ...What??!!

Add another tube and the ball floats up, but DOESN'T FLY OUT!! Mind Blown!

Repeat with the rest of the tubes, and cap it with the rocket nose cone. The ball gently sinks to the bottom.

What is going on??
The fan in the base provides lift. When the ball reaches the top of the tube, the force of gravity and the force of the lift are balanced, so the ball stays in place, hovering. When you place the nose cone on the top of the stack, the force of gravity is stronger than the lift, so the ball sinks back down.

The tubes are decorated with animals, numbers, and rocket themed illustrations.

All together, the Rocket Ball Air Stacker stacks up to 35" tall!

Base automatically switches off after 5 minutes.

Batteries included.

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