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Herschel Solar Prints - 8 x 12

Herschel Solar Prints - 8 x 12

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6 years & up

Create art using the sun!

In the shade, place objects on a sheet of the cyanotype paper, then move it into direct sunlight. In minutes the blue will fade away, letting you know your print is ready!

Take the paper inside and rinse it in water. The colors will reverse, leaving the areas blocked by your objects white on a blue background.

Experiment with different types of items, layering them, and more.

Cyanotype is an art and science!


  • 15 sheets of 8” x 12” cyanotype paper
  • Acrylic sheet (for pressing leaves and flowers flat)
  • Instructions

The cyanotype process was invented by Sir John Herschel in the mid-1800s. It was an early type of photography Herschel used to make copies of his notes and diagrams. This is the origin of the term “blueprint!”

Check out this Google Arts & Culture presentation about Anna Atkins and her work in botany and cyanotype. She is credited with creating the first book entirely illustrated with photography!

The Forgotten Story of Anna Atkins


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