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Marvel Eye Found It! Card Game

Marvel Eye Found It! Card Game

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Happy Up's Age Recommendation:

  • 3 Years +
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2 or more players, 3 yrs & up

Find your favorite heroes, villains, and places from the Marvel Universe! Each card is illustrated with vibrant and all new artwork. Explore locations like Asgard, New York, Wakanda, and more! Here’s one way to play:
Deal the cards, laying them scene-side up in front of each player. Put the rest of the cards in a stack, scene-side up, where everyone can reach. From the stack, turn over the top card to reveal the symbol on the back.

Players race to find the symbol on one of their scene cards. As soon as someone finds the symbol, they shout “Eye Found It!” and flip their card over, revealing a new symbol. That card gets placed in the center and everyone races again.

Gameplay continues until someone is out of cards!

This is a fast, light, travel-friendly game that is good for a wide range of ages, especially if you have younger players. With no reading required, everyone can play independently.

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