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Spot It Jr! Animals Matching Game

Spot It Jr! Animals Matching Game

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Happy Up's Age Recommendation:

  • 4 Years +
  • 5 Years +
  • 6 Years +
  • 7 Years +
  • For Families

2 - 8 players, 4 yrs & up

Spot It Junior Animals plays the same as the original Spot It, but the symbols are slightly larger and there are fewer on each card. Packaged in a small tin, this is a game for the whole family that travels well and never disappoints!

How to play: Each card has several symbols on it, and each of those symbols will match with only ONE other card in the deck. Your goal is to be the one to find the match on your card and the card in the middle of the table. Before anyone else!

With several ways to play, it’s always a fresh game, no matter the ages playing together!

PS-- it's an excellent game for pre-readers to help develop visual acuity!

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