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Underwater Monster Ball

Underwater Monster Ball

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Happy Up's Age Recommendation:

  • 5 Years +
  • 6 Years +
  • 7 Years +
  • 8 Years +
  • For Families

6 years & up

You know what your pool gear needs? A ball that sinks and STAYS under water!

Meet the Monster Ball! Fill it with water from the hose and toss it in the pool. It sinks and stays sunk. You can pass and dribble and kick until *you* need to pop up for a breath of air!

About 9” in diameter when filled.

Assorted monsters/colors, we choose for you.

Hint: After filling with water, use the needle to “burp” any air out of the ball. You may need to add more water and “burp” it again. Once you get all the air out, it will have neutral buoyancy and stay under water!

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