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Veggie Memory and Matching Game

Veggie Memory and Matching Game

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Happy Up's Age Recommendation:

  • 3 Years +
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2 - 8 players, 3 years & up

It’s game time in the garden!

The fruits and vegetables are all mixed up… help them find their match!

Turn all the tiles face down, draw a card, then flip over a tile to see if you have a match. If you do, collect the tile and card. Player with the most tiles wins.

This is a simple memory and matching game for early learners. What really sets it apart is the ADORABLE illustrations.

Like most memory and matching games, you can adjust the rules to fit the players. Place the tiles face up to make it a little easier. Work together to find all the matches instead of competing. Flip a card and race each other to find a match… No matter how you play, pre-k kids will be working on valuable school and social skills!

Veggy Memo Contains: 36 fruit and vegetable tiles, 36 fruit and vegetable cards. Game rules in 10 languages.

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